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Welcome to the Genealogy Bank

Do you want to discover a place for your family in the larger historical picture?

Do you feel a sense of responsibility to preserve the past for future generations?

Launched in 2010, the Genealogy Bank has collected more than 500,000 digital books, including historical books, genealogy records, cemeteries, census records, immigration records, library archives, and birth, marriage and death records from more than 100 government agencies, university libraries and academic institutes, helping you explore your ancestry. This large historical record collection reflects the multicultural heritage of the North America, and is a unique resource to explore your ancestry .

This collection orginates from written records of oral traditions, historical records, and other records to obtain information about cities, counties, states/provinces in USA and Canada.

This collection delivers a comprehensive study of county history, also including various families and their lineages

The main purpose of the Genealogy Bank is to offer a large collection of historical records to help you explore your family origin and stories as well as depict your family tree. 

Facts about the Genealogy Bank:

  • 500,000 searchable historical books, which are increasing daily
  • >200,000 family records including genealogy book, biographies, memoirs, birth/death/marriage records
  • >100,000 photographs and stories for you to explore
  • >250 custom requests for family record search each day

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The Genealogy Bank

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